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The marriage custom is one of the most important custom in the whole world. Marriage is not only the most pure and sacred bond between the two persons but also it is quite important for the building up for future generation. Marriage is a start of new journey of life. And this is how the whole process continue from generation to generation. In western countries, the concept of love marriage is prefer more as compare to the arrange marriage. This is because of, western philosophy. Their philosophy is that know the person first then continue the marriage relationship. While in the east side, parents take the decision for the marriage of their children.

After the arrival of 21st century a lot has been changed with in the years. This century has seen the most development in every verticals with in a few years as compare to the past. Now the modern day teenager is more focuses on carving his/her career rather than thinking about marriage in his early age. The main reason behind this is the cut throat competition and the search of justifying one’ existence.

Every person wants to stable himself first financially after that they start to think about marriage. This tendency not only exist in the modern day boys but equally also in the girls too. Today generation is career oriented, quite practical and make all the decision on their own. Even in the east, now most of the young person now prefer to get love marriage. There is a reason behind this idea that marrying a a good known person is better than marrying a stranger.

common marriage problems

The common marriage problems are below:-

1. Delay in Marriage:-

In the quest to carve a bright future and carrier, young boys and girls studies broadly. They do this to grab a good in the multi national corporation or start their own business. Usually it takes a lot of time to settle up oneself and in that period age of marriage goes out. Today the normal age to get marry has become 30-31 for the boys.

Not only the boys, modern girls are also quite conscious about their career and become self independent. But in the search of making a wonderful career the age of marriage gone away. And after that it becomes difficult for their parents to find the suitable partner for their children. Although every person is quite educated today, so he also have high expectation from their upcoming partner. They want to marry with that person who is equally educated and of same financial statue as of theirs. As a result of this higher expectation mostly upper age group person are getting delay in marriage.

2. Bounding Problem:-

In today era everybody wants to live his according to him self. Everybody wants to do the thing according to him. But in our society after the marriage the husband or their family member bound the girl in a boundary. Whether it is fashionable sense or her fundamental belief. But she is force to pull back her every step. And her modern thinking doesn’t consider these boundation and she do the things as she want. As a result daily clashes in house.

3. Money Prolbems:-

After the marriage it is common that they share a single bank account. But mostly couple understand the value of money and control their expenditure habit. But some of them can’t change their habit of spending money and for this there is daily clashes in house.

4. Selfishness :-

In our society man take all the decision. whether it is making a new house or any main decision of house. Here spouse feel unloved and disrespect of her. So to get her respect she daily argue with her husband. As a result daily clashes.

Some other common marriage problems are:-

  1. getting rejected in every marriage proposal
  2. get married with someone you love
  3. want to do love marriage
  4. convince parents for the love marriage

Solution of these common marriage problems:-

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