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Marriage is the most essential event in any person’s life without any doubt. In India, marriage is considered as a big affair. This is happen, because it is not only the relation between two person, but also it is between two families. If children hit the age of 21, then most of the Indian parents start worrying about the marriage of their children’s. Specially in the case of daughters. If daughter hit the age 18. And if she don’t get marry with in appropriate time period, then the parents tension reach at the highest point. If we closely observe the today modern and educated young persons, most of them not prefers to get marry until the age of 28-30. The reason is behind this is that burning desire to do something big in life and want to become independent.

Reasons for Delay in Marriage

It is become common occurrence between both boys and girls. You have seen many time that a girl is still finding a suitable match to get marry even she has touched the age mark of 34 and 35. In the same case of boys, they do not want to get marry early as they want to make themselves financially independent first. If we compare the today’s marriage scenario with the old age marriage scenario, marriages were way easier at that time. As soon as the girl and the boy reaches the marriageable age, the elder one’s in the family start looking for the right match for them with the help of society members.

On marriage delay, most people do not see it with the eyes of doubt today. Nowadays it become a common thing. And in the meanwhile it become a typical worry of guardians.

Our social status is changing with the flow of dynamic ideas and ways of life. Nowadays, young boys and girls want to do decent business. They want to reach the highest of success. And these all things are the reason of their marriage delay. These all are the reason of delay in marriage.

Astrology Reason for Delay in Marriage

At the above paragraph you have seen the many reason of delay in marriage. These reason relate to any of these maybe perfect match, business, religion, appearance. Such a test in every part of life will undoubtedly trouble you momentarily.

Delay in marriage because of astrological reasons: Placement of certain particular planets in birth-graph is the main reason of delay in marriage.

The references to predictions point to specific situations:

  • Saturn set in the seventh house in the birth-diagram of a man; Saturn associated in at any rate with the house; or in the event that one is experiencing the real time of Saturn.
  • Any harmful planets like Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, Sun or greatly heated Moon show in the seventh house or inspecting Seventh House.
  • Venus disable in one’s outline or Venus com busted with nearness of Sun inside vicinity of ten degrees.
  • If the Saturn and Moon are in combination in any possible way.
  • Seventh house ruler in display in the eight or sixth house.
  • If one is experiencing the major and minor time of Rahu and Ketu.
  • If an individual is in the age for marriage and there is no positive impact from the seventh house between that period.

Above all are the astrological reason for delay in marriage.

Astrological Solution for delay in marriage

Astrological Solutions for Delay in Marriage:-

In the vedic astrology there are many solution to stop delay in marriage. A specialist astrologer can make the planet position like that, they will make no problem in someone’s marriage. He make the planet position like that both boys and girls achieve their dream early, so that they also can marry early.

Some of the cures as told by the pandit kuldeep ji are particular customs. And it can remove the reason of delay in marriage as a main priority. These solutions also helps in finding a suitable partner.

Some of common and basic astrological remedies are as below:-

  • First of all, early in the morning go to Lord Venus and pray on Fridays.
  • Giving for buy of mangalyam mala for the new bride.

There are many other astrological solution in delay of marriage. To know all about them you can consult with Pandit Kuldeep ji, who is one of the best astrologer in India. After consulting with him finally you will get your all answer about delay of marriage.