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Kundali in the true sense can be defined as the collective snapshot of planets and the other celestial bodies when then person is born. Kundali is also popularly known as Janam Kundali and in the English version it is called as Horoscope. The major reason behind the construction of Kundali chart is to get the precise prediction of one’s well being, financial life, marriage, alert for potential threats and plenty of other things. The kundali or Janam kundali is created by using the various significant details like birth date, birth place and birth time.

Kundali Making is something out of the reach of an ordinary person because it requires the extensive knowledge of calculating the planet and nakshatras angular positions at certain point of time and blending those intricate calculations to precisely predict the future outcome. This kundali chart include planets located at the various position in the different houses called ‘Lagna’. A proficient and highly knowledgeable astrologer like pandit Kuldeep ji can create the much difficult to understand kundali chart through using his immense knowledge and expertise. An astrologer ask you for the birth date, time and place to calculate the ascending and descending status of the planets. Janam kundali is the best and easiest way to get the deep insight about person personality, ups and downs of the life, financial status, job, martial life etc.

How Kundali Is Created and How It Works?

The Kundali is separated into 12 different blocks which are also known as houses. On this chart, first house starts with the ascendant and rest of the houses are numbered in anti clockwise direction. Location of the planets in these houses exactly determines the personality and other aspect of a person. Each and every house in the kundali represents the different aspects of the life such as relationship, money,career, growth and traits of the individuals. By studying the position of the planets in these houses, Future Prediction of an individual life is done by the astrologer.

Now the startling fact is these planets keeps changing the position with respect of time. As the planets always rotates and revolves continuously, their movement produce vibrations which ultimately has an major impact on the life of any individual. By minutely observing the planetary motion with respect to time an astrologer is able to predict the future of any person.

Kundali making plays a significant role in the life of any individual. Hence it is to be make sure that kundali must be developed by only a knowledgeable and experienced astrologer so as to get the precise future predictions.

Let’s discuss the various advantages of having a Janam Kundali –

  • With the help of Janam Kundali one can easily predict their future
  • Having a Janam Kundali can help you easily find the right career path. Kundali can help you find which career is most appropriate for you according the inborn traits.
  • Kundali can give you a hint about future potential threats and the remedies to minimize or completely eradicate that threat
  • Kundali can help you find the right life companion by matching your Kundali with theirs
  • With the help of Kundali, you can find your strength, weakness, which ultimately help you to become a better version by overcoming your flaws
  • Kundali can also give you various indications about the diseases and fatalities that you may face or go through in the future.

Kundali is extensively used for Kundali Milaan during the time of match making. It is one of the best way to find out where the two individuals are suitable for the pure bond of marriage or not. Sometimes even after the kundali match, there are certain ‘Dosh’ found in the Kundali which restrict the marriage of two individuals and neglecting them during marriage time can bring various tribulations in the life. Some of the most common doshas are Kaal Sarp Dosh , mangal dosh, pitra dosh etc. An experienced and proficient astrologer like Pandit Kuldeep ji can provide you the remedies to supress or remove these doshas from the kundali and allow you to live a seamless married life. Call the best astrologer in India pandit Kuldeep ji for perfect Kundali Milan.