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In Indian matrimonial system, Kundali milan or Kundali matching perhaps plays the most vital role during the time of marriage. In Hindu culture, it is believe that the holy bond of marriage is plan even before the birth of an person. It is at the right time in the life, the two persons who are made for each other meet and ties the knot of marriage. Marriage is one of the most lucky and beautiful event in the life of any person. It is the commencement of the journey of two persons on the same path of life. Everyone of us needs a company in life with whom we can share the high’s and low’s. On whom we can show our love without any terms and conditions. But that can only happen if the life partner is of similar characteristics and interest as of ours.

In India, the concept of kundali milan before the marriage is quite famous. Marriage is a very a very holy and purest bond of all. To ensure that bond last long, kundali milan must be done before the marriage. This is because of to check out whether the two persons are capableenough to live with each other or not. In the field of astrology, there are different names of the kundali matching, some of the most popular one’s are, Guna milan, Kundali milan, horoscope matching, etc.

kundli milan by name and date of birth

The mainly kundli milan by name is create but there are some other various factor which are get into the action during the kundali milan, will discuss below:-

Guna Milan for Marriage

The first factor which is consider during the kundali milan is Guna milan. Guna milan is entirely based on the position of moon in the kundali chart. There are in total 36 Guna’s a person can have. In north India, Guna milan is also call as ashtakoot milan, because eight aspects are considere during the guna milan

  • Yoni – Yoni milan reveal the compatibility, involvement level and the limit of love between the couple. Yoni is further classified into the 14 animals.
  • Varna/Jaati – As well all know that varna is classified into 4 categories namely Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Varna matching describe the spiritual compatibility and ego level between the two individuals.
  • Gana – There are in total 3 gana’s present in which anyone of them a person have in their Kundali. Dev gana ( also called satwa guna), Manav gana( also called rajo guna), rakshasha (also called tamo guna)
  • Rashi – In Rashi milan, a boy birth chart is compare and analyze with the girl birth chart. In astrology, if the position of the boy moon is in 2,3,4,5,6 house from the girl’s moon, then that match is considere as irrelevant. Location of moon in the 7 and 12 house of the girl’s birth chat is considere as good.
  • Graha Milan
  • Tara Milan
  • Vasya Milan

Thus the main factor of kundli making is date of birth and name. In india kundli is making with the help of date of birth of the both persons. If pandit ji find some unfavorable things in kundli. Then he also give some solution to make kundli in favor to you.