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Astrologer pandit kuldeep ji is the one stop source for all of your severe life problems. With his top of the line knowledge, he has helped multitude of individuals in overcoming the biggest of life problems.. Pandit kuldeep has took the pledge of devoting his entire life in serving the common people and he has been doing so from the last 17 years. Anyone can easily contact and meet the pandit kuldeep at his temple in the Rahon, Punjab. It is prior to take appointment from the pandit before meeting him as he is always busy with some or other client.

Pandit Kuldeep has two modes of working namely online mode and appointment (offline mode). Let’s discuss both the modes one by one –

  1. Online mode – In online mode of working, pandit ji provide all the consultation on the phone it self. Client just have to provide all the crucial details like their name, d.o.b, city, state., gotra and the problem he/she is facing currently. After knowing all the details, you have to deposit the requisite amount so that commence the puja path to remove the obstacles from your life quickly. Now some clients raise the question that what is surety about that our puja path is going on after receiving the amount. There is no need to worry as our best astrologer in India has an image to carry. The process of online puja is same as the process of conducting pooja after taking the appointment.
  2. Appointment – In this mode of working, you first have to fix the appointment with pandit ji and after that puja path will be conducted on the given day in the your presence. We would like to inform our users that the duration of puja is entirely depends on the seriousness of the problem. Sometimes the the duration of pooja is only one day and sometimes it can be 3-4 days. All the puja is conducted in the temple of pandit Kuldeep ji. He will do all the prior arrangements for the puja and do all the process in your presence. It is advisable to the any individual who has fixed the puja schedule with pandit ji to manage accommodation if the duration of puja is more than one day.